Are Customer Hotel Reviews Worth Reading?

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Are Customer Hotel Reviews Worth Reading?

Making a hotel reservation is a relatively simple thing to do with the internet. You simply go to an online hotel reservation service, such as Hotel World, enter your travel plans, select a hotel and book it. Upon arrival at the hotel , the hotel’s reception is expecting you and have your room ready for the night. Most of the time they do not need to see your hotel voucher as you are in hotel’s reservation system.

But which hotel do you choose? How do you know if you are getting the best value for money?

hotel reviewYou could try reading the hotel’s customer reviews that are posted online when choosing a hotel. However, be careful, customer reviews can be incorrect and confusing. Why? Customer reviews are usually only submitted by people who are very fussy and serial complainers. Normally, only people who have had bad experiences with hotels submit reviews. So you may not hear about all the good aspects of the hotel. These are the type of people that believe they are special and want special attention when staying at a hotel.

I have travelled all over the world and stayed in countless hotels so consider myself to have some experience here. There have been many times where I have stayed at a hotel and had a nice experience. Later, to my surprise, I have read poor customer reviews about the hotel. This certainly wasn’t my experience when I stayed there.

Let’s examine some of the types of issues that people complain about.

Noises from other hotel guests. I have encountered this problem several times, however, this is not the hotel’s fault. Usually the excess noise is caused by party-goers coming back to the hotel and continuing the party in their room. Once in Kuala Lumpur I stayed at a hotel where the person in the next room started to play a trumpet. A quick phone call to reception remedies the problem every time. They always send someone to the guests to quieten them down.

The room has not been cleaned properly. I rarely encounter this problem and usually it’s very small things that are not worth mentioning. If the hotel is fully booked the housekeeping staff can be under time pressure to get rooms ready quickly so I can understand when something small is overlooked.

The room has faulty appliances. Again this is rare and I have only encountered the air conditioner and the electric kettle not working properly. A call to reception usually has it replaced or repaired quickly. If the last guest notified the hotel it would have been fixed. The hotel cannot be expected to test every kettle in every room after each departure.

The guest didn’t like the location of the hotel. This is mostly due to the guest’s lack of research of where to stay. If you are travelling to an unfamiliar city you really need to do some basic research regarding which part of the city to stay in that meets your requirements.

The hotel’s employees were unhelpful. I have encountered some staff who were not interested in customer issues. This is usually due to the fact that they were over worked and tired. This is similar to the level of service you receive on an airline. If the staff have been flying around all day they will have lost their energy and just want to complete their duties without passengers bothering them to much.

The guest didn’t like the room. All hotels have rooms of different standards. It is recommended to book early and request the type of room you want eg. a large room on a high floor with a view. Most hotel rooms differ in price so if you booked a cheap room you cannot expect the penthouse.

As you can see reading the hotel’s guest reviews does not necessarily give an accurate assessment of a hotel’s facilities, level of comfort or service. I recommend to look at the hotel reservation system’s recommended hotels first as these hotels are the most favoured hotels with visitors. Otherwise, sort the hotel list from cheapest first and go down the list choosing the best value hotels with the best facilities and location. From this short list select the hotel to book.


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